30 Backpacking Europe Tips For Travelers

Backpacking Europe

Backpacking Europe: Europe is a fascinating mash-up of history, culture, food, fashion, and architecture.

Whatever your taste, you can always enjoy visiting well-known cities, charming towns, picturesque rivers and canals, rural vineyards, and a variety of festivals, which will help you create lifelong memories of your travels. But traveling by backpack across Europe is not simple. particularly if you have a tight budget.

If you don’t take precautions, it’s easy to spend a fortune on your big European vacation and still wonder if you even saw the best of it. To prevent this, we’ve put together a list of our top advice for backpacking through Europe to ensure that your trip is amazing and doesn’t break the bank.


1. Check Out Our City Travel Guides for Europe

While general city advice on how to cut costs, find inexpensive restaurants, and do things to do is great, city-specific advice is even better.

2. Pack light.

While traveling through Europe on foot with a 50+ liter pack is enjoyable, it can quickly turn into a nightmare. Pack only what you need to avoid backaches.

3. Obtain travel protection.

To save money, don’t take the chance of traveling without travel insurance. You want to be ready in case something unfortunate happens to you while driving.

4. Avoid Backpacking Through Europe during High Season

Summer is the worst season to travel by backpack through Europe because it is so expensive and crowded. Instead, travel in the shoulder or off-season when there are fewer tourists and lodging is almost 40% to 50% less expensive.

5. Travel to Cheaper European Nations

Overstaying in well-known European locations can be costly. Instead, spread the love and travel to more affordable but equally stunning European nations.

6. Look into Common Tourist Traps and Scams

By learning about the typical tourist traps and frauds in your destination before you travel, you can save a ton of money.

7. The first or last Sunday of the month is a good time to schedule your trip.

Every state museum in the majority of European nations is free on the first or last Sunday of each month. We avoided paying over $100 in museum admission by going to Florence on the first Sunday of the month.

8. Bring your student ID.

You can receive discounts on many European attractions if you are between the ages of 18 and 24 and have a student ID card. Therefore, don’t forget to bring your current student ID.

9. Avoid Attempting to Visit all of Europe in a single trip.

I am aware of how alluring it can be to include as many European nations as you can on your itinerary, but please refrain. Limit your search to a few locations to save money.

10. Make use of Hostels

In every corner of Europe, there are hostels. While you’re backpacking through Europe, staying in a hostel is a great way to meet other travelers and make friends.

Other backing Europe tips include;

11. Don’t Stay in a Private Room in a Hostel

12. Stay in Hostels With Free Breakfast

13. Avoid Staying Directly in the City Center

14. Take Overnight Buses or Trains

15. Rent an Apartment

16. Look into Camping

17. Couchsurf

18. Housesit

19. Hitchhike

20. Share Your Journey With a Stranger

21. Rent a Bike

22. Take Cheap Buses

23. Don’t Get the Eurail Pass

24. Fly With Budget Airlines

25. Don’t Forget to Take the Trains Too.

26. Walk or Take Local Transportation

27. Purchase Your Bus Ticket Ahead of Time

28. Don’t Try to Take Public Transportation for Free

29. Cook Your Meals

30. Stuff Your Face At All You Can Eat Buffets


How long should you backpack through Europe?

The ideal length of time for a first-time backpacking Europe trip is one month.

How challenging is a backpacking trip across Europe?

Europe has an excellent transportation system, making traveling from one country to another and between cities a breeze.

Conclusion on Backpacking Europe

This article provides knowledge of backpacking through Europe to make sure your trip is awesome and doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

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