Budapest’s Top 7 Ruin Bars – Enjoy The Best of Drinks

Ruin bar Budapest

What genuinely distinguishes Budapest from the present? Ruin bar Budapest are without a doubt the solution. These incredibly hip bars hidden inside dilapidated pre-war structures have swept Budapest. Know before you go that foreign students and tourists now tend to frequent ruin bars due to their increased popularity. Try these neighborhood bars as well if you want to meet more Budapest


Szimpla Kért

Although there are many ruined bars in Budapest today, Szimpla Kert, which invented the genre, is by far the most well-known. Szimpla is still worth a visit for the experience even though it is no longer the hip bar it once was when it first opened in 2004 (you’ll probably have to navigate through tourists with cameras to approach the bar).

Instant and Fogas Ház

Instead of being your typical ruin bar, Instant & Fogas Ház is a huge venue with more than a dozen bars and multiple dance floors. This massive structure, which has a deteriorating facade, was constructed in 1861 when the neighborhood was a part of Budapest’s Jewish Quarter. If you want to experience the atmosphere of a ruined bar, Instant & Fogas may not be the best choice, but come here if you want to dance because other ruined bars don’t have much room for you to move around.

Mazel Tov Budapest

If you like the idea of a ruined bar in theory but prefer more upscale settings, go to Mazel Tov.

Although the exterior of this Middle Eastern restaurant in Budapest’s bustling Jewish Quarter is in disrepair, the interior is quite the contrast: Cheap drinks have been replaced with expensive beverages, ham and cheese sandwiches with mezze plates, self-service with hosts, and dated furnishings with lush vegetation.

Csendes Vintage Bar & Café

Budapest’s central Csendes ruin bar is tucked away on a peaceful side street. Csendes is a more relaxed, sit-down location that is best for conversations, in contrast to some other ruined cars with party vibes. The grand coffeehouse that once stood in this room with the high ceilings during the height of the Austro-Hungarian Empire is now a ruirui mishmash of furniture, including creepy dolls dangling upside down from the walls.


In Budapest’s historic Jewish District, there is a cheap ruined bar called UdvarRom. It is housed in a weathered pre-war building, like other ruin bars, but it is less imaginatively furnished and has odd items you wouldn’t typically find in a ruin bar.

Szatyor Bar

Szatyor appears to be your typical ruin bar, but it’s different from those swarming Budapest Papartictse another thertherere of the Danube. It is filled with a mishmash of colorful furniture. On the chic Bartók Béla Boulevard in District 11, where middle-class residents of Buda like to unwind in the evenings, is where you’ll find this updated ruined bar.


Why are they called ruin bars in Budapest?

Ruin bars, as they are known locally, were first established in 2002 with the opening of Szimpla Kert, the first bar of their kind. They got their name because they were established in the ruins of abandoned factories, stores, and buildings in the Old District.


Budapest is more like a local bar where people go out to drink beers and have fun.

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