How to Check Your Visa Status in Canada – Step by Step Guide

Visa status check

Obtaining a visa is usually the first step in traveling to a foreign country. It is necessary to have your visa status checked before entering a foreign country, most countries require Indians to have their passports stamped with a Visa.

Anyone wishing to work, visit, or study in Canada must obtain a Canada visa. First, either online or in person, the application is completed and submitted. Following submission, each application requires a different processing time depending on the type of Visa.

You can check the status of your Visa application online for both paper and online applications. The following article will walk you through the simplest ways to check your Canada Visa Status step by step.


Processing times for a Canada visa can vary greatly depending on your home country and the current political and social situation. Visa processing times may differ depending on the type of application. The average time required to process Canadian visas is shown below. Remember that due to the impact of Covid-19, the times can vary greatly: a claim made by the Visa issuing organization as well:

  • Visitor Visa: On average, it takes 40 days to process a visitor visa application from India.
  • Study visa: If you are applying from India, your Study Permit Visa may take up to 13 weeks to be processed by the Canadian consulate.
  • Work Permit: Applying for a work permit from India can take up to 35 weeks. Because of the impact of Covid-19, the times may vary.
  • Skilled Federal Worker Economic Migration: A skilled federal worker economic migration can take up to 6 months to process, even if you use the online express entry system. Please keep in mind that the processing time does not include the time it takes to apply.

Any procedures, such as biometrics, that must be completed after the application are, however, included in these Canada Visa Processing Times.

Steps On How to Check Your Visa Status in Canada

Check the Status of Your Visa Application Online.

On the IRCC website, you can check the status of your Canada visa application. Here are the steps you must take:

  • Check through the IRCC check status page from anywhere in the world.
  • Select the visa type from the dropdown list. For example, if you applied for a Canada visitor visa, you can choose that option.
  • To check your Canada Visa status, you must log into the account you created when submitting your application online. If you submitted your application on paper, continue reading to learn how to link your account.
  • Select the “check status and messages” section. This section can be found under the main heading “View my submitted applications or profiles.”
  • The visa approval, denial, or processing information will be right in front of you.
  • Similarly, you can track Canada student visa or study permit status, immigration application status, eTA application status, and so on.

You can also connect your paper application to an online account using the same link provided above. The advantage of connecting through this method is that you can check your Canada Visa Status online and receive regular updates. All you have to do is provide the necessary application and verification information to connect your profile.

Checking Status Online Using Passport Number

Some individuals may prefer to check their Canada Visa Status online using their passport number.

This method does not necessitate the creation of an online account. Instead, you must follow the steps below to check your Canada Visa Status with your passport number:

Search for the option to track the visa application status on the Canadian consulate’s website, . You will find a link redirecting to the tracking system on the site.

  • Check through the tracking system to retrieve information about your Visa status.
  • You must first provide your passport acknowledgment number and date of birth.

Following that, you must complete the captcha to prove that you are a human user. Bot traffic can thus be avoided.

Finally, press the submit button and wait for the method to complete.

Do not confuse the online Visa status tracking option with the delivery of your passport. On the website, you may also find links to track the delivery of your passport during the postal delivery process.

Those links only apply if you are waiting to check your Canada Visa status in person after receiving your passport! You can track the location of your passport using these links, just like any other courier.

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Check your CANADA Visa Status Physically.

Waiting for the passport to arrive is the simplest way to check your Canada Visa status and determine if your application was approved. You typically have two options for retrieving your passport:

  1. Get your passport from the Canada Visa Application Center in person. Authorized personnel is present to provide you with your passport upon request.
  2. Passports can be delivered via the postal service. When you submit your Canadian Visa application, you will be given a unique pin code. When requesting postal passport retrieval services, be sure to mention the code on the system.

The second option entails additional fees that must be paid to obtain your passport back. To collect the Passport in person, you usually need the following two documents:

  • Invoice receipt
  • Government-issued photo identification.

Within India, these facilities can be found in New Delhi, Jalandhar, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad, Pune, Mumbai, and Kolkata. In India, offices are typically open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:45 p.m.

There are no documents required to receive the passport if you receive it by mail. However, due to the sensitivity of the document, if no one is present at your address to receive it, the passport is returned to the center immediately.

In both cases, you can immediately check your Canada visa status by opening the passport and looking for the Visa stamp.

Your information will be printed out and adhered to in adherence to the paper that will confirm the success of your application and permit you to enter Canada for the allotted time.


Can I attach my paper application to an online portal?

Yes! It is feasible and recommended if you require regular application updates and notifications. The procedure is described in the article.

Are online applications of the same value as paper applications?

Both application methods are officially provided by the IRCC and are completely recognized. Online methods are more convenient because they are self-guided and take less time to complete.

Can I check my Visa status without having an online account?

Yes! Even if an online account is not available, you can check the status of your passport using traditional methods.

Conclusion on How to Check Your Visa Status in Canada

After visa application the applicant must keep track of his or her visa status, this article provides you with the knowledge on the step to step on how to check the status of your Canadian visa.

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