Everything you Need to Know About Real ID Pennsylvania

Real ID Pennsylvania

If you haven’t heard of Real ID Pennsylvania, you don’t live in the United States because this problem has existed for quite some time.

We previously discussed Real ID in an article and even used Pennsylvania as a case study to illustrate it.

In this article, we’ll provide you with a more thorough explanation of how to obtain a real ID if you’re visiting or residing in Pennsylvania.

Note that those who are not state citizens can also access the real ID. One goal of this real ID is to simplify domestic travel and lower the prevalence of fake IDs.

This is to demonstrate to you that if you are taking a domestic flight, you will soon be traveling from state to state with your Real ID.

What Is Real ID?

A REAL ID is a state-issued driver’s license that has been upgraded. The majority of REAL ID-compliant driver’s licenses have a star in the upper-right corner to denote compliance.

The REAL ID Act of 2005 establishes fundamental security standards for the issuance and production of licenses and prohibits Federal agencies from accepting, for specific reasons, driver licenses and identity cards from states that do not comply with the Act’s minimum standards.

All people will require a REAL ID license to enter certain Federal buildings, enter nuclear sites, and board domestic commercial aircraft starting on May 7, 2025.

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Follow the instructions below to get started if you want to obtain a real ID in Pennsylvania.

  1. Head over to the Real ID Center. The application form can be obtained online or by visiting the real ID center or a Pennsylvania Department of Transportation driver’s license center.
  2. You will be required to deliver all of your supporting documentation to the center, and you will give them 15 days to review it all and confirm that everything is in order before they email your ID to you.


You must submit the following documents before being taken into consideration.

1. Evidence of Identity

A current, valid U.S. passport or passport card, a raised or embossed seal on an original or certified copy of a birth certificate submitted to the state office of vital records

One of the key documents you must provide to the embassy before they even consider your application is your proof of identity.

2. Evidence of Legal Name

Those who have previously changed their names must demonstrate their legal name by displaying the affidavit they obtained following the change of name.

They will be able to identify you by your legal name if you provide them with a copy of your birth certificate or age declaration.

3. Your Social Security number’s Validity

As unique identifiers, Social Security numbers (SSNs) are issued by the Social Security Administration (SSA).

You need a Social Security number (SSN), which is necessary for employment, to be eligible for Social Security benefits and several government services.

In Pennsylvania, you must present your social security card before getting a real ID.

Your two most recent PA address documents

One or more of the following is acceptable: a current, valid PA driver’s license or ID, a PA vehicle registration, an auto insurance card, or a utility bill bearing the same name and address.

It’s interesting to note that PennDOT may already have your REAL ID documents on file, allowing you to purchase your REAL ID online. Apply for REAL ID pre-verification online to see if you’re eligible.

Please be aware that if you are a non-U.S. citizen, different documents are acceptable. a citizen who is in the country legally.


Requirements for REAL ID for non-American citizens.

The following documents must be provided as identification proof: Green Card, a foreign passport, an Employment Authorization Card that is still very valid, and a residence permit

  • Please enter your Social Security Number.
  • Provide any of the following documents to demonstrate your residency in Pennsylvania; a W-2 form, a license, a PA vehicle registration card, an auto insurance card, a tax record, and a lease or mortgage agreement
  • Donate a copy of your legal permanent residence

You can obtain your Real ID in Pennsylvania if you can comply with everything we have stated here.


What does a REAL ID do in PA?

REAL ID is what? A federal law known as REAL ID affects how states issue driver’s licenses and identification cards if they are to be recognized by the federal government for activities like boarding an interstate commercial flight or entering a military installation or another federal facility that requires identification.

Does PA REAL ID replace a passport?

To board a commercial flight, even one within the United States, after May 3, 2023, you will need a REAL ID (or another form of ID that has been approved by the TSA). For international travel, a current passport is still required.

How long is a REAL ID valid in PA?

Unless you are over 65 and have a two-year license, the initial REAL ID product’s expiration date will be equal to the amount of time still on your current license or ID card plus an additional four years. Because of the structure of the expiration dates, time that has already been paid for won’t “go away.”

Do you need a photo card to get a REAL ID in PA?

The same identification documents are needed to opt into REAL ID as they are to obtain a learner’s permit, driver’s license, or photo ID card for the first time (birth certificate or passport, social security card, and two proofs of residency).

Conclusion on Real ID in Pennsylvania

It is advised that you obtain your Real ID in Pennsylvania as soon as possible because many people will be applying for one. This will help you travel safely without any form of complication or harassment.

If you want to avoid being impacted by anything, you need to get it now, not in May 2023, despite what you might think.

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