50 Travel Books to Get You Started on Your Next Adventure

A good travel books and it’s writer must always endure hardship to create. The best travel writers do endure more suffering than most, so perhaps that explains why readers remember their books so well.

This collection of essential travel writing describes difficulties like freezing to death, fleeing for your life, or a nation on the verge of civil war. A journey without problems is a dull one. You can tell the author of a book had more difficulties than just missing the bus when it is called In the Land of White Death.


1. The assassination valleys

Stark was a daring explorer whose 1934 book became an instant classic. Her journeys into Luristan, the mountainous region separating Iraq from modern-day Iran, are chronicled in this book.

2. Green Hills of Africa

After visiting the region in 1933 with his wife Pauline, the renowned traveler Hemingway penned this safari journal of the game country in East Africa. the excitement of a good hunt and the beauty of the bush.

3. In the White Death’s Land

A Russian ship searches for new Artic hunting grounds in 1912, six months after Robert Falcon Scott met his demise in Antarctica, and Albanov and the rest of the crew have a very bad time.

4. Journey without a map

Liberia was unaffected by colonization and Western influences in 1935. On his journey, Greene encounters poverty, disease, and a native spirit that fascinates him.

5. Lost on a Mountain in Maine.

Fendler, a 12-year-old boy, wanders off from his scout group for a while and gets lost. He makes an effort to survive and navigate the wilderness for the following two weeks.

6. Gray Falcon and Black Lamb

To learn more about the Balkans, read this. The book, which was first published in 1942, describes a six-week journey in 1937. Croatia, Dalmatia, Herzegovina, Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia, and Montenegro are all in the west.

8. No Picnic on the Mount Kenya

Sounds absurd! Who would escape from an African POW camp to scale a mountain without any supplies, including food, shelter, or maps? Three men on a mission: a remarkable tale. written in 1952.

9. Rome and a Villa

One of the best accounts of the Eternal City, published in 1952. On a Guggenheim fellowship, Clark visited Rome in 1947 and created several sketches of Roman life.

10. Seven years in Tibet

Austrian mountaineer Harrer’s memoir, published in 1953, details his 1943 breakout from an internment camp in India, his journey through the Himalayas, and his stay in Tibet, a country that was then almost unknown to outsiders.

Other travel books includes

  • South from Granada
  • A Short Walk in the Hindu Kush
  • Arabian Sands
  • The Songlines
  • The Innocents Abroad
  • Travels with a Donkey in the Cevennes
  • Travels with Charley
  • The Pine Barrens
  • In Patagonia
  • The Snow Leopard
  • Blue Highways: A Journey into America
  • The Matter of Wales
  • Coming into the Country
  • Iron & Silk
  • Into The Heart of Borneo
  • Great Plains
  • Chasing the Monsoon
  • The Impossible Country
  • In a Sunburned Country
  • Dark Star Safari
  • The Places in Between
  • Cross Country
  • Down the Nile
  • A Time of Gifts
  • Round Ireland with a Fridge
  • The Worst Journey in the World
  • As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning


What is the best travel book of all time?

It is difficult to single out one travel book as the best because there are so many that were inspired by the authors’ experiences.

Conclusion on 50 Travel Books to Get

Travel books are what connect many writers with the experience they had as it is usually a writer’s true story.

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