Here Are 6 Things to Know When Traveling with Dogs

traveling with dogs

If you carefully plan, traveling with dogs can make the family vacation more enjoyable for everyone. Here are some travel suggestions to make taking your dog fun.


1. Health and Safety

Before an extended trip, take your dog to the vet for a checkup. Verify that all of his immunizations are current; bring your shot records.

Bring a supply of your dog’s regular food with you so you can keep him healthy while you’re away. Bring any necessary medications, and don’t forget to bring bottled water.

Be ready in case of an emergency. Find the office and emergency numbers for your regular veterinarian, as well as the number of the closest 24-hour veterinary emergency hospital, and program them into your cell phone.

2. Crates

A crate is necessary for air travel and is a great way to keep your dog secure in the vehicle. Additionally, it can prevent your pet from causing trouble at your host’s house or in a hotel. The majority of pet supply stores sell crates.

3. Identification

Make sure your dog can be properly identified by any of the following in case he escapes while you’re away to increase the likelihood of his recovery:

  1. Ensure that your dog has a sturdy leash and collar.
  2. Think about a long-lasting form of identification like a microchip.
  3. Bring a recent photo of your dog and a copy of his medical records that list all of his most recent vaccinations.

4. Traveling By Car

Allowing your dog to ride in the car with you while you stay in the driveway and then taking short drives will help them become accustomed to it.

Allowing your dog to travel on an empty stomach will help prevent carsickness. But make sure he always has access to plenty of water.

Keep a good airflow in the car. Make sure that the dog’s crate can breathe fresh air if it is being used.

To keep your dog safe, think about getting a dog seat belt or dog car seat.

5. Flying

Plan a visit to your veterinarian for any air travel. The airline must receive a health certification no later than 10 days before departure. Airlines make it abundantly clear that the owner must confirm the dog’s fitness for flight and good health.

6. Train, bus, or boat travel

You might be let down if you choose to travel by bus or train. Only dogs weighing less than 20 pounds are allowed on Amtrak trains (a $25 fee applies). Dogs are not permitted on Greyhound or other interstate bus companies’ buses. (Service animals are allowed.) Local transportation providers have their own rules.


How do I comfort my dog when traveling?

Some animals might travel more comfortably in an environment with soft music or fresh air. Try turning on some soft rock, reggae, or classical music, or try opening the windows a little. Just make sure your dog doesn’t stick his head out the window.


Some dogs have become a part of the family that owns them so traveling without the dogs seems pretty much hard for them, but this article has given you the tip you need to know on how to travel with your dog.

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