Top 10 Hostels in Amsterdam for Ardent Travelers

Hostels in Amsterdam

One of the more well-liked cities in Europe for backpackers. Hostels in Amsterdam is known for its Red-Light District but is much more than that and has something to offer everyone.

Due to its popularity as a travel destination, Amsterdam has thousands of hotels and hostels. With so many options, it can be difficult to choose the one that will best suit your needs and those of your travels.


1. The Canal Zone of Euphemia Old City

This hostel is housed in a former monastery and is close to the majority of the city’s attractions, especially the museums. It is situated on a lovely canal. The rooms are kept tidy, and the beds are comfortable. additionally offers bike rentals. Stay here if you want a laid-back hostel with a view. Visitors must be 40 years of age or younger, please note.

2. Meininger Hostels in Amsterdam

There are two hostels in this chain in Amsterdam. These hostels are not for party animals and are fairly large. They are laid-back hostels designed for groups, families, couples, and anyone else seeking to avoid the party scene. There are many outlets available for charging your electronics, and the beds are soft. Both hostels provide a respectable breakfast and are spotless, roomy, and comfortable.

3. ClinkNoord

This 1920s-era former laboratory in North Amsterdam has been transformed into a chic, spotless hostel for travelers. It’s an awesome, enjoyable, and social setting. It has a wonderful atrium, workspace, and library. There is also an on-site bar and cafĂ©. The pillows are very soft, and the beds are new.

4. The Van Gogh Hostel

This convenient hostel, which gets its name from being close to the Van Gogh Museum, is tidy and has comfortable beds. Free Wi-Fi, shampoo, and shower gel are provided, and a lavish continental breakfast buffet is available for only 5 EUR. additionally offers bike rentals. The mixed dorms have an age restriction of 18 to 40.

5. Stayokay Amsterdam Vondelpark

This hostel is a member of the YHA association and follows their general guidelines. It’s a little bit sterile. The beds are somewhat comfortable, and everything is fairly tidy and contemporary. Similar to Meininger, this hostel is best for families, non-partying travelers, groups, and couples.

6. Flying Pig Downtown

Travelers who want to unwind and smoke are known to frequent it, and the bar area becomes very crowded at night. Although it may not be the cheapest hostel in the area, the showers are excellent and the beds and pillows are very comfortable. Additionally, there are charging stations next to each bed.

7. Durty Nellys Inn

This is your typical, quaint, tiny, enjoyable backpacker hostel, located in the heart of Amsterdam near the Red Light District. The beds are comfortable enough for a short stay and each has a reading light and power outlet.

8. Hans Brinker Hostel Amsterdam

Since I first started going there, Hans Brinker has been around for almost 50 years, and not much has changed. It is only a five-minute walk from the Museumplein and is close to all of Amsterdam’s best nightlife.

9. The Bulldog Hotel

It’s a little wild on the weekends because it’s right in the Red Light District! One of the top hostels in the city is this one.

10. Shelter City Hostel

Aside from having separate rooms for men and women, this hostel is drug-free, alcohol-free, and party-free. The majority of the visitors are fairly quiet, and the rooms and showers are both comfortable.


Are hostels in Amsterdam safe?

Hostels in Amsterdam are generally safe, just like the rest of the city.

How much are hostels in Amsterdam?

One of the most visited cities in Europe is Amsterdam. Hostels there are therefore not inexpensive.


Looking for a hostel to stay in as you visit Amsterdam, this article has provided the top 10 hostels where you can stay and enjoy your stay in Amsterdam.

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